Al-Zahra Hospital. (Funding and management through HF)

In district Hangu, NWFP, this 6 floors 30000 sq.ft state of the art hospital project will start its first phase by July-2010. The first phase will include E.R, Clinic, X-Ray, Ultrasound and Laboratory. The project includes training of local male female nursing staff and allied technicians to boost local manpower and their economic conditions.

Location of Hangu district (in red) within Khybar Pakhtonkhua Province.

The district takes its name from the town of Hangu. The name Hangu may also sometimes be applied to the Miranzai Valley which is partly within the district, bordering the Samana Range.


Hangu was separated from the district of Kohat in 1998. Its area starts from a village named Khawaja Khizer (Jawzara) which is the boundary between Kohat and Hangu Districts. Total area is 423.6 sq.mi.

Background of Project.

According to the 1998 survey the population of district Hangu is 314529, Hangu is surrounded by Aurakzai Agency, Kurram Agency, North Waziristan Agency, Tehsil Tal, Parachinar and Lachi. Since the emergence of Taliban in this area and their cruel activities a serious differences occurred in between sunni & shia sects which caused many serious effects on the lives of the peoples of both peace loving sects. The taliban whenever had chance offended one sect with heavy casualties and destroying their livelihood and homes. This situation bought severe differences between the two sects for many years until recently a peace pact was made between them not to harm each other anymore and not to support Taliban.

Al-Zahra Hospital;

It is situated in the heart of Hangu city.

Technical Data


Covered Area = 31045 SQFT

Basement = 5045 SQFT

Ground    = 5200 SQFT


1st Floor  = 5600 SQFT


2nd Floor =  5600 SQFT

3rd Floor  =  5600 SQFT

4th Floor  =  4000 SQFT

Operation Manual for phase-1-2-3


Level 1 facility: Basic medical & surgical services through E.R, beside in phase 1 we will provide comprehensive psychiatric & drug addiction rehab services. Training of management staff which includes medical, paramedical and non-medical personal for providing the best possible patient care in the facility.

We are going to be able to provide services related to mother & child health care. It will include all gyneacological & obestratic related diseases for indignant female population.

Along with it we will be able to provide comprehensive child health care services.

Finally our facility in the region providing health care services targeting to the following population;

1- District hangu 2- Aurakzai Agency 3- Kurram Agency
4- N.Waziristan 5- Parachinar 6- Tal
7-   Lachi 8- Kohat  

Phase-2, Basic Mother & Child Health Care

It is always start from the first step and our vision, mission and goal is going to be the state of the art modern hospital with highly qualified professional staff to meet the every Health related matters in the area.