Brief History of HF

Hussaini Foundation established in October’2006 after merging of Hussaini Relief which was formed after the wake of October’2005 earthquake in Pakistan. On 20 th Nov'2005 an M.O.U. was signed by seven institutions in presence of World Federation President Mr. Ahmed Hassam and Hon. Treasurer Mr. Azad Kanani. Hussaini Foundation was thus formed to operate in Pakistan under the Patron-in Chief HIWM Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najfi:-

Jabir Bin Hayan Trust - Islamabad (NC Hussaini Relief Foundation)
Khoja (Pirhai) Shia Isna Asheri Jamaat - Karachi
Mehfil-e-Murtaza - Karachi
Hussaini Blood Bank - Karachi
JIBA Chapter, Karachi
Save Life Trust - Karachi
Northern Area Eye Hospital Trust-Karachi.

During the transformation period HF took massive tasks in the effected regions. Relief and medical aid was the primary goal of the peoples behind the organization. All necessary needs like food, clothing was distributed among thousands of effectees, medical camps were established and thousands of patients were treated. This successful completion of task energized the spirit of founders to leap a step forward to commence one of the biggest rehabilitation work ever done by any NGO in Pakistan. Almost 7000 families were helped to re-construct their houses. 45 water projects were also incorporated during that time.

Moving beyond Relief

As time passes HF took various tasks in education by establishing schools, supporting students for schooling and higher education, training of teachers in Sindh, Punjab, KP, Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

Health is a vital concern for the peoples of Pakistan especially in far areas of KP; HF has taken another milestone step to established state of the art hospital in district Hangu, KP. The project will facilitate wide area from district kohat to district Hangu and further away for the peoples of Parachinar. The project is in last stages of completion and first phase will be operational by the third quarter of 2010.

Education in Pakistan is always a difficult area to deal with, lack of resources and planning has almost shaken the base of education, looking into the difficulties and future HF planned to established 7 schools up-to 12 grades in rural Sindh, 1 female college in district Kohat and one college in Azad Kashmir. One school out of the seven is start from the new academic session 2009, and female college in Kohat will be operational by the mid of 2011. Establishing good educational institute needs comprehensive training programme for the staff and pupils, HF has started a unified training programme in this regard and high caliber and prominent experts have been hired to create a solid base for the learning institutions which are part of HF program.

The government of Pakistan has recognized our efforts and honored certificate of commendation. Besides this achievement HF has also acquired trust of international NGO’s like World Federation (UK), Sajjadia Trust (Canada), International Development & Relief Foundation (Canada), SELAVIP (America) to partner us in attaining projects in Pakistan.

HF likewise has always welcomed local NGO’s to be part of our work some NGO’s like Friends Trust, USWA, Fatimya Trust, Jabir-bin-Hayan Trust, Zainabia Trust, Asgharia Trust are success partner stories in our on-going endeavor  to help the poorest of poor in Pakistan.